Our Business

1. Centre for 3D Digital Engineering +

3D Real-Time modelling

Today Real-Time 3D has become a must in order to visualize an object or equipment from every   angle in three dimensions. In this field Allucyne can claim expertise of the first order. Our team designs several types of software tools in order to resolve any problems associated with modelling or animation. Our team of technicians offers full 3D animated scenes either as a film or in an  interactive form.

Spheres of action: architecture, town planning, tourism, industry, communications.
Examples of the application: illustrations and virtual tours in 3D and Real-Time 3D in a building or landscape, 360° panoramic views, graphics configurators for all applications.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Augmented reality uses an existing environment and integrates or overlays digital information on top of it via the use of a mobile device, a computer or directly on a Web site. What’s the purpose? To enhance the initial image taken. According to the context and use, Allucyne’s technical team will put in place the necessary amount of augmented reality needed. Augmented reality by image detection or by tagging (both inside or outside a building), by geolocation (outside), by environment recognition

(both inside and outside) by using wi-fi hotspots.

Spheres of action: architecture, town planning, tourism, industry, communication
Examples of previous accomplishments: margins of ground plane, step-by-step visualization of the building process, long distance support maintenance, building and demolition operations, tours and total immersion.

2. Centre for software and mobile apps. +

Allucyne creates apps designed for mobile devices using different operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows phone), apps for Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets and for virtual reality glasses for Optinvent, Epson and others. Our expertise relies on CMS software (JOOMLA, TYPO 3) and on e-commerce platforms (MAGENTO, PRESTASHOP) and the tool ALLUCYNE CMS, of which we are the patent holder.

Spheres of action: sales development, marketing, advertising, business applications, on-line sales.
Examples of previous accomplishments: software solutions and web, creation of mobile websites, apps and software solutions for all supports and terminals, programming of patches for apps, plugins and modelling of the working of machines in real time, using Windows for virtualization technology.

3. Pedagogic screenplays +

This centre offers the possibility of using the improvements in 3D digital technology for learning purposes. Allucyne has a training centre equipped with the latest technologies and offers innovative pedagogic solutions for face-to-face learning, e-learning and blended learning (mixed learning).

The pedagogic skills of our engineers in multimedia projects and in “Rich Media” technology allow them to offer interactive pedagogic contents, more often referred to as Serious Games.

Virtual reality training simulators using enhanced reality, with or without actual material in addition, also offer numerous possibilities

Spheres of action: merchant navy, army, tourism…
Examples of previous accomplishments: serious games modules in real-life staging, screenplays regarding the repair of engine failures, language learning strategies, e-learning contents for thermal projection mapping.