Allucyne Building

The solution for your architectural projects

Architects, urban planners, decorators, construction industry professionals, the way you look at your project will change. Imagine for a moment that you can travel in time, projecting yourself at will into the future. Put simply: see tomorrow today. This exclusive and original process uses virtual and augmented reality. The software BOS optimises 3D models with simplicity and produces mobile apps. This collaborative 3D construction industry animation allows you to follow the progress of the construction work according to the different tradesmen and craftsmen involved on site. A mobile app for the construction industry is available for Android and IOS. Using augmented reality, it generates a model of the successive stages of your construction projects, the infrastructures and the technical networks. In real-time, on-site and depending on each trade, viewing and shaping the future according to your needs is now possible.

  • Software for the automated management during the advancement of the successive steps of a project according to the tradesmen involved.
  • Simulation and 3D construction industry animation.
  • Construction project and decision support tool on tablet and Smartphone as if you were on the construction site, by chosen dates and for each trade.