Allucyne Energy

A 3D simulator to serve in the fields of industry and energy

Capitalise, evaluate and improve the technical skills of your engineers with the help of an Industry dedicated 3D simulator. Fun and easy to use, derived from the concept of serious games, this collaborative tool offers an approach to learning based on the repair of a set of various system failures. Your technicians’ performance is improved when actually faced with a real-life situation on-site thanks to a simulator which can be personalised as needed. The surrounding environment, technical constraints, architectural details… All your criteria are evaluated and taken into account for optimum industrial management.

The strategies that the experts at Allucyne design make it possible to optimise interactively the maintenance of equipment on industrial sites. The upkeep, needs’ assessment and the repair work of an industrial complex are compiled in the operating manuals.

  • Interactive maintenance for equipment on industrial sites
  • Addition of information of spatial positioning on devices