Allucyne Historic

Heritage and tourism has been reinvented with Allucyne

See yesterday today? Now you can! Time travel is now possible thanks to Allucyne’s engineers. The application M-Cicerone reconstructs historical sites in virtual reality, heritage comes alive, museums take on a new dimension; new concepts for tourism and travel have been created.

The technology of augmented reality offers unique and made-to-measure pedagogic and interactive methods which transform your sites and projects into true space/time journeys.

Adding points of interest to your interactive guided tour Applications has never been so easy, due to the poi (point Of interest) editor, and our geo-location module using Maps such as google maps !

With Allucyne CMS, you keep control.

Accessible from any browser, our web platform enables you to manage your content in total freedom.

  • Geolocation and on-site immersion
  • Mobile apps for museums and virtual tourism (Android and I-phone)

  • Interactive tourist guide, overlaying of the reconstructed 3D model on a real setting, incorporation of animation and/or sound.

  • Autonomy in the management of the mobile app contents.