We made time travel possible through our mobile app "E-yer". It integrates and virtually rebuilds historical sites. Thanks to interactive items (sounds, text, videos...), you will be able to create unique experiences that will delight tourists and passionates.
You can manage the app's contents by yourself. This enables you to enhance heritage in a simple and effective way, thanks to digital tools.

Used technologies: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality/ Content Scenarization / Indoor and Outdoor Geolocation / Ergonomics adapted to the target's needs / Graphic charter made to measure


E-yer offers you a lot of advantages :

  • A mobile app built to measure, fully adapted to your project.
  • Create an interactive virtual tour that will be a support for your guide speaker.
  • Arouse young people's curiosity thanks to our educational app adapted to all: students, families, foreigners, visually impaired persons, hearing-impaired persons.
  • Offer your visitors unique, autonomous and immersive experiences. With mobile devices, your hosts choose how they visit, at the pace they want and as many times as they wish.
  • Bring your works outside of your museums.

"A mobile application that gives a whole new dimension to history. Thanks to its unique process of viewing museums and lost heritage, Allucyne brings the past back to life. "

We offer 4 distinct services:

1. Contracting Authority Support (rate/day) : commercial proposition, financial and technical offer quantified
2. Need definition (rate/day) : a recommendation file
3. Designing / realization : realization of the demand according to specification
4. Assistance / maintenance (by contract) : continuity of service guarantee
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