Allucyne is a young company with an already rich history, dynamic and experienced employees. Meet with a sized company.

Guy Ativon, CEO and Business Manager

Electrician engineer, holds a Master 2 in Engineering of the Transmission of Knowledge, Project Manager Multimedia at the Sorbonne, it was first put into action his skills within the Group PSA - Peugeot Citroën, Cegelec and the group Alstom before taking the responsibility of the Navy department General Electric Service. A position he held for 10 years. In 2009, he created Allucyne.

Expert in:
- Electric power conversion system
- Imaging processing software systems and applications 3D
- Design and pedagogical scenario

Pascale Bailly, Competencies and Administrative Manager
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After a BTS Business action through further training and payroll management, Pascale has naturally turned to human resources. Today, her operates and monitoring of administrative, accounting and social and management skills of Allucyne team.

Focus areas :
Customer Relations: prepare a trade show and arrange appointments for our historical customers Management Office: put the talent of employees for the benefit of our clients' projects, regulate their motivation and ensure their good working conditions

Cyril Tarriet, Engineering Leader
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Holder of a diploma of Master 2 Multimedia Products and Services and strong professional experience of 8 years in the field of ICT, he was at the head of a Serious Game department in a large company of e-learning and manager of a company specializing in the design and creation of serious games. He joined Allucyne as head of production.

His specialties:
Operating System: Linux, Windows 95/8, Android
Design: UML, MERISE, Redmine, AGILE
Development: AS3, C #, C ++, Java, VSL, Lingo
Web: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, SQL, .Net / Razor, SQL Server, Javascript.
Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3dn Studio Max

Julien Chanat, Graphic 2D/3D Artistic Director
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Julien explored the fields of design and art direction of Serious Game types of applications and e-learning. It has also been proven in communication, mastery of artistic techniques and cultural creative process in media entertainment, art and culture. Multidisciplinary artist, he was co-manager of a company specializing in the design and creation of "serious games". It is responsible for internal communication / Allucyne of external and oversees the artistic direction of all projects.

Expert in:
Programming: HTML / MySQL / PHP / AS3
Computer graphics 2D / 3D: Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Suite, mastery of graphic artwork techniques (drawing, graphics tablets, painting, photography, video ...) resolume Arkaos
Sound: sound processing, Adobe Audition, FruityLoops, Reason, Live

Lucien Seichephine, Graphic 2D/3D
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Holder of a Bachelor degree of Engineering Image and Sound Digital, Lucien graduated from the School of Beaux-Arts. With an experience of 12 years, it is unquestionably the referent Allucyne in ergonomics applications and processing of 2D and 3D models.

His specialties:
Programming: C, C ++, Fortran, Java, Delphi, OpenGL, Virtools, Unity3D (C #), HLSL, Action script.
Computer graphics 2D / 3D: Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape, Flash, Final Cut, After Effects, Autodesk 3D Studio
Max, Sculptris, user graphics tablets
Sound: Audacity, Soundtrack, Fruityloops.

Julie Graeffly, Data Processing Engineer
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After Computing and Networking license, Julien specializes in creating Web applications. Its programming discipline and management of computer programs backups make it a lead in the project development of the company.

Focus areas:
Programming: HTML5 / CSS3, PHP / MySQL, Javascript / Ajax / jQuery / Mootools, CakePHP, Java,
JavaEE, Spring / JSF / Hibernate, Magento - eCommerce, Symfony 2, Typo3, C / C ++ / C #, Zend Framework
Networking: Network administration Linux and Windows / PABX

Éric Dovergne, Data Processing Engineer
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Holds a computer science diploma supplemented by an entertaining game application development degree on mobile devices and PCs, Eric is the specialist Gaming Design and procedures in the rigor of our IT development.

His specialties:
Programming C # / C ++ / MySQL / Visual Studio / PHP / Game Development / Software Development / SQL / .NET Programming.
Software: Unity3D, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop.

Miche Strasser, Software Architect
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Holder of a DEA Data processing, Michel has over 20 years of experience, particularly abroad (Germany, USA) to his credit. Its IT expertise and multimedia, in areas of key activities such as energy, the cold chain, metrology, security, video surveillance, alerts or telecommunication, make it a pillar of Allucyne. It carries out complex projects, large and accompanies clients to help them anticipate their future needs.

Expert in:
Method: V cycle, UML2, design patterns, unit testing, continuous refactoring
Architecture: n-tier, core-plugin-scripting, continuous refactoring and dependency inversion
Environment: Linux and other UNIX, Linux Embedded, Windows XP to Windows 8, Web (Apache PHP
Languages: C, C ++, C #, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML.
Software: Visual Studio 2012, Linux compilations Chains, android studio, Gimp, Inscape, Dia, Free Mind,

Akram Salem, PhD
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PhD doctor on the precision of relative geo-positioning of mobile interfaces disseminating virtual models in the capture of a real environment; it already has 12 years of professional experience in software development and multimedia. Since its creation, he accompanied Allucyne in the IT development of several projects, particularly in terms of interactive maps and immersion in situ. He is also an expert in processing and optimizing 3D models.

His specialties:
Development: Objective C, C #, C ++, Java, VB Database: MySQL, PHP, AS2, AS3, JS.
Modeling: UML, Merise
Office: Microsoft Office, Open Office, LaTeX
System: Windows, Mac
Development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, Flash, Eclipse ...
Software: Unity3D, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere

Angel Casio, Pedagogue Engineer
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Holds a Master's degree in Training Engineering 2 by the use of ICT, she began her career in education. Now she built educational scenarios of our applications.

His specialties:

Education: English and Italian all levels, specialized teaching for students in elementary school and SEGPA
Pedagogy and digital: Driving e-learning projects, responding to calls of educational offerings, scenario design-profile content, animated virtual classrooms
Collaborative work: use of communication and collaboration tools (chat, mail, forum, blogs)