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Inspire Trust / It helps to reassure, strengthen ties, build loyalty among employees, customers and stakeholders. Our value promotes respect and loyalty.

Ensuring Cohesion / Looking all together in the same direction, leaving room for the authenticity of each person, a common passion and a sense of education, fostering a positive state of mind focused on performance and innovation.

Aiming for Excellence / It encourages the performance of the entire team, demonstrating a requirement that will make our quality unique.

Dare the Atypical / We all encourage each other to go off the beaten track, to surprise, with multi-skilling, potentialities keeping ahead of the game, authenticity, talents, permanent innovation, sparkling and brilliant diversity.

Guy's word

"Between reality and virtual reality, the border is abolished.

Together, we can make your projects travel freely between the present and the future, allow your customers and collaborators to see the invisible, train your technicians in total immersion from any point on the globe. The technological shock impacts all professions.

With Allucyne, we reveal the full range of possibilities for your company. It may be time to change everything."

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A trusted partner

Since 2021, Allucyne has been a partner of Unity Technologies.

This partnership allows us to reinforce the quality of our solutions with full technical support from the Unity Technologies group.

It is definitely an honor and a recognition for Allucyne to have an interest from the Unity Group.

It allows us to work together in creating value for our development of immersive training solutions in learning and knowledge transmission.


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