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To meet your needs precisely

With a premium welcome, it is here that our sales teams identify with you the best solution. We are constantly looking for solutions to our clients’ problems.

Kathleen Sita

“We work in close and permanent collaboration with the technical teams to offer you adequate and efficient solutions. Our commercial offerings are supported by institutional financing engineering for our client projects.”

Design, engineering and educational research

As a scientific creativity workshop and experimentation laboratory, the design and scripting teams offer user experiences of the highest standard.

Géraldine Boivin-Delpieu

“In permanent and close contact with national and international research laboratories, our doctors in educational sciences adapt the latest immersive learning solutions to the learners’ profiles. Throughout the project and before delivery, the design team ensures the functional compliance of the solution.”

Development, production and integration

This is where everything comes to life. Our production studio creates immersive solutions in collaboration with our clients. Software architecture, input data integration, HMI interface distribution, input data environment design (3D or video images, sound, UI): all solutions are carefully developed by our teams.

Khaled Krifa

“The realization of your projects requires your contribution from its initiation. The production teams will ask you for validation in order to respect the milestones of deliverables defined together. The production will be faithful to your need and that, from the production of input data, 3D Assets, sound environment engineering and structured software development protocols.” 


Our vision

Scientific approach to educational scripting

A rigorous procedure

Our pedagogical scenarios are designed according to a rigorous procedure that involves a fine analysis of training needs and objectives, the choice of a teaching model and strategy, the development of learner and trainer pathways, and evaluation.

Pedagogies based on constructivism.

Our strategies are chosen according to the targeted objectives: experiential learning to place users in context, problem-based or discovery learning to acquire knowledge through exploration and autonomous manipulation, guided learning to reduce the cognitive cost of the task in the case of procedural learning, learning based on social interactions in interactive scenarios....

VR Virtual Reality

The user's physical presence is transcribed into an immersive environment that provides a total sensory experience that aids in learning.

AR Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows to retranscribe and superimpose in reality digital elements that serve the user's immersion in a semi-interactive universe.

XR Mixed Reality

Mixing virtual and augmented reality, user experience scenes are in a real anchor with an overlay of virtual for learning.


Industry expertise

Electric power generation and conversion.

Our challenge is to propose decarbonized energy production solutions for industry, to perform the calculations necessary for sizing the power to be installed in electrical installations and the selectivity of protections to deliver a network depolluted of harmonic currents.

Innovative electric propulsion system

Our expertise in electric propulsion lies in the design of specifications, equipment sizing, production monitoring and factory testing. Start-up assistance in technical stops, emergency troubleshooting and technical training.

Guy's word

"Between reality and virtual reality, the border is abolished.

Together, we can make your projects travel freely between the present and the future, allow your customers and collaborators to see the invisible, train your technicians in total immersion from any point on the globe. The technological shock impacts all professions.

With Allucyne, we reveal the full range of possibilities for your company. It may be time to change everything."


Products on the shelf

Generic transmission products & solutions are available and customizable to meet your needs!


A customized process

At Allucyne, we focus on a customized process for each client to best meet their needs.


translation and formalization
of your problem.


Analysis and proposition of a solution in response to your challenge.


Design and realization of a prefiguration prototype of the final solution.


Production and QA (Quality Assurance) validation of the final solution.


Support and maintenance throughout the operating period.


Mastered customer approach.

Allucyne's results

Since our inception, Allucyne has never stopped progressing and growing!

A hundred or so proposed projects

Allucyne responds to any project that has a vocation to transmit and discover.

Large-scale projects

Our team has the ambition to create and carry innovative projects.

Satisfied customers

Through a tailored process, Allucyne offers its customers the solution that meets all their expectations.

Solutions by Allucyne

With customizable, off-the-shelf solutions, Allucyne's solutions meet the needs of every customer.

Join the Allucyne adventure!


Partnership with Unity

Since 2021, Allucyne has been a partner of Unity Technologies.

This partnership allows us to reinforce the quality of our solutions with full technical support from the Unity Technologies group.

It is definitely an honor and a recognition for Allucyne to have an interest from the Unity Group.

It allows us to work together in creating value for our development of immersive training solutions in learning and knowledge transmission.

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