Our immersive solutions

Our immersive solutions​

The advantages of our immersive solutions

Immersive courses enable complex knowledge and skills to be addressed through a scenario that adapts to the learner. The interaction mechanisms reinforce learning through experimentation.

Immersive universes for training and knowledge transmission represent a new era by responding to the challenges and constraints of distance learning.

The learning path is done in autonomy thanks to a guide that enriches the interactive narrative with extra-diegetic elements.

Immersive universes allow an accelerated acquisition of knowledge. The possibility given to learners to reproduce an experience as many times as necessary by varying or not the conditions, consolidates learning.

Our immersive solutions​

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In the marine industry, Allucyne has a generic 3D ship, a digital twin, named KOTS Knowledge Of The Seas”. This vessel allows learners to immerse themselves and follow a learning path corresponding to the skills sought in virtual reality. This course simulates situations capitalized from real experiences that are made available to sailors through training centers or shipowners.”


In the astronomy field, we started from an observation: students in cycle 3 encounter great difficulties because of inconsistencies between what they see and what is taught: for example, the Earth seems to be flat for a terrestrial observer!

Based on this observation, we created an augmented reality application to make astronomy concepts more palpable, visible and fun for students, and to have research-validated learning support tools for teachers.


The user experience for visitors to a heritage or museum site. As an interactive tourist and cultural guide, our digital solution proposes to bring the past to life. Visitors will download an application on a mobile interface from the Apple Store and Google Play marketplaces or locally from the client’s servers. Upon arrival at the experience site, the user will start the implementation of the device and discover, according to the themes explored, points of interest along the visit. These points of interest are triggered by the GPS position. A scene with narrated content enriched with interactivity appears and will guide and immerse the visitor. A visual representation at scale 1 of the contents of the user experiences is, from then on, proposed.

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Our immersive solutions​

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Knowledge Of The Seas

An immersive solution allowing young people and adults to learn about the marine industry. Solution used by the Provence-Alpes-Côtes-D’Azur region.


An immersive solution for teaching science to children aged 7-12. For the French national education program cycle 3.


An immersive solution allowing anyone to understand the past through 3D reconstructions of important elements of heritage.

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